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Frequently Asked Questions

Commuter Pal is actively being developed by Rob, a retired American Airlines pilot who created the popular 'LiteSabre' scheduling app for pilots. Just ask any AA mainline pilot what they think of LiteSabre and the support they received.

This app is designed for airline employees who non-rev. It's best used by crew members on the go who need immediate, real-time schedule, delay and cancelation information so they can make quick, on the fly decisions about their commuting options.

Commuter Pal contracts with OAG and Sabre Inc. to bring you real time schedule, delay, and cancellation data, as well as passenger load data. These contracts are very expensive, and they charge Commuter Pal per query. This cost must be passed on to the crew member.

With each payment, you get 350 route queries, 200 load queries, and up to 30 flight alerts. All query limits reset every 30 days when a new payment is processed. There is no carry over of unused queries to the next month. If you exceed any of these limits before the 30 day cycle ends, you can pay early, resetting your limits and starting a new 30 day cycle.

One query is deducted when you ask for the data, regardless of how many results are presented.

Commuter Pal contracts with Sabre Inc. to bring you real time passenger load data, depending on whether or not the airline provides this information to Sabre. This is the same information that travel agents and gate agents use to view other airline passenger loads.

Airlines report their seat availability to Sabre, INC., but limit what they report. If the load you see has a '+' sign after it, then there are more than that many seats available.

A subscription costs $7.95 per month, with a limit of 350 schedule queries and 200 load queries per month. If crew members uses their query allotment before the end of the 30 day period, they may initiate another $7.95 payment, immediately reset their queries to zero, and start another 30 day period. Commuter Pal will never show you ads, and never sell your data to any third party.

Yes!! Just recommend Commuter Pal to a friend, and when they make their first payment, you'll received 30 days of service free, and your query limit will be reset to zero.

We do not have the ability to make non-revenue reservations. Commuter Pal is used by airline employees who need to know, in real time, flight schedules, delays, cancellations and loads.

When you pull up a flight, click the square yellow box to the left and follow the prompt. You can set up to 30 alerts per month, and you will receive text messages if that flight is delayed or cancelled. You can also keep track of the alerts you set by clicking the 'My Flight Alerts' menu item.

Flight alerts are provided by OAG, and are by far the most expensive queries. This pricing is beyond Commuter Pal's control, so unfortunately, we must set a limit of 30 per month, in order to keep costs under control.

Yes. is owned by These links are safe to click on.

Delta Airlines recently started restricting the load data from any Sabre account that was not an accredited ARC or IATA partner. In order to get around this, we would be required to license as a Travel Agent, and then apply for an ARC accreditation. No decision has been made in this regard. If Delta information is the primary reason you are using this site, you may want to consider suspending your subscription. If our status changes, we will send out a mass email.