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The essential tool for airline pilots and flight attendants. Take the pain out of your commute..

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Commuter Pal is a flight schedule and delay info service, exclusively tailored for U.S./Canadian airline employees who non-rev on airlines other than their own. We understand how difficult it can be to get to work, and Commuter Pal strives to make that task easier and less stressful. No other app of its kind is built exclusively for crew members. Commuter Pal has no ads, and no nonsense.... just the information you need to successfully navigate the tough non-rev environment.

Run by a small, boutique development company who's owner is a retired airline pilot, Commuter Pal is always open to suggestions on how to tailor this app to your unique needs. Have a need particular to your airline? Email Support with suggestions. Unlike those generalized apps run by large companies who don't know your unique needs, Commuter Pal is here to serve you. Together, we can grow this app into the must-have tool for crewmembers.

Schedules & Delays

Commuter Pal shows not only scheduled departure times for major US airlines, but departure delays, EDCTs, gate changes, and cancellations, allowing you to quickly plan your OAL commute on the fly. Enjoy easy one-handed action to get quick info while running to catch that flight home!

FAA Data

You also get access to a live FAA feed, which monitors flight plans as they are filed and updated, to give you all the info you need to make those quick travel decisions. Commuter Pal can help you by highlighting that flight that has a 2 hour EDCT! When it comes to information, more is more.

Seat Availability

Nothing is more valuable when commuting than knowing whether or not the flight is full. Only Commuter Pal provides you with the same real time seat availability data that travel agents have access to. No more guessing, or bothering Facebook friends who work for other airlines.


Comuter Pal provides you with valuable weather information, a quick handy national radar picture, and the current ATIS for 76 major airports in the US. Plan your travel with knowledge you can use.

Known Crewmember

The display includes a handy link to the KCM website, tailored to the departure airport in your query. One button access. So easy a pilot could do it.


Flag specific flights that you plan to commute on, so Commuter Pal can alert you to departure delays, gate changes and cancelations. Timely notifications allow you to change your plans quickly if needed. Up to 30 notifications can be set each month.

Personal Notes

Forget who you're flying with? Use this feature to take notes about crew members you fly with. Record the last time you flew together, whether or not they like beer, and then access them again the next time you fly together. You'll look like a memory savant! These notes will always be available, even if you choose not to subscribe to Commuter Pal after the 30 day free trial.


Commuter Pal offers a 30 day free trial, with 10 schedule queries, and 10 seat availability queries, so you can explore the Commuter Pal universe, and see for yourself how much easier your commute can be. After the free trial, Commuter Pal costs just $7.95 per month. Plus, Commuter Pal offers a full referral program. Get 30 days free for every crew member you recommend who decides to pay for the service.

About Us

Commuter Pal was created by a (now retired) mainline airline pilot, who developed the popular scheduling service 'LiteSabre', for American Airlines. LiteSabre has served AA pilots for over 11 years, and this app is an outgrowth of that service, now available to all crewmembers at all US airlines. AA pilots are already familiar with the superior usability and customer support, and now you can be too.

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John, B6
Thanks for making this app. I had heard about it from an AA crash pad buddy, but was restricted to AA pilots until now. I commute a lot on Delta, and this helps a lot.
Mark, WN
...I like the quick load info. I wish you could show non-revs as well, but this definitely helps. ..and the weather and atis is a really nice touch. Very pilot friendly. Thanks.
Josh, DL
Thanks Commuter pal. Since I live in a city that is not easily served by Delta, this is now my go to app for flight changes. And the alerts about delays saved me more than once.
Danny, AA
So sad what happened to LiteSabre. I really miss it. But hey, maybe you can do here what you did there. I like the 8 day prior calendar option for the jumpseat reminder. Nice.